Surprise your favorite person with a Higher Focus Gift Certificate this season!  You can provide a great gift that can be used for any of our services.


If you want one for $50, no problem!  If you want one for $500, no problem!  We can make a gift certificate for any amount.  Go HERE to contact us for your gift certificate.  These are great for your high school senior who needs their senior portraits.


Gift certificates are also great for that mom or dad who wants that new family portrait.


Our gift certificates can be used for everything ranging from photo sessions to our photo booth.  Go HERE to contact us to learn more.

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We look forward to seeing you soon!

Stay Focused,

Tim and Jill

‘Tis the season to inspire

One of the things we love to do is take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.



We like to say, “Take life and make it into art.”  We believe the pictures hanging on your walls should be more than just pictures.  It should be as beautiful and amazing as your family.  Many of our athletes love having an artistic print on their wall.  It’s a way to celebrate their sport and make their athletic career memorable.  Click here to find out how we can create art for your walls.


Many people have a wall, room, or a bar area in their home dedicated to their favorite player or team.  Why not add your son or daughter to your sports wall? Surprise your favorite athlete with a photo session that celebrates their sport.


It’s a great way to add inspiration and feature your favorite athletes at the same time.

Miller baseball

Go HERE to learn more about how we can make an inspiring print for your son or daughter today.


Stay Focused,

Tim and Jill