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Christina Tenti is an activist, a writer, and an empathic entrepreneur.  I had the pleasure of meeting her at a networking event where I recorded video of her giving an amazing presentation about elephants.  When it was over, I had this nagging question, “what is an empathic entrepreneur?”  So, I invited her for coffee.  We spent hours talking about her business, her passions, and her love of elephants.  Christina was gracious enough to share this story:

There was a lump in my throat as I sorted through treasured photos, searching for an important picture of my grandmother’s ring that was stolen and I wanted to have re-created. In my search, I was brought back in time to life in the past by these treasured mementos. I believe that there is no other piece of our history than a photograph to bring to life the people, the times, and emotions of our days, sometimes so long ago. Our memories are there in photos, seemingly in real life. Time can stand still as we peer into boxes or sit with albums that contain pieces of the past. We are captivated and we remember or are reminded of almost every detail surrounding the times we honor, the people we miss, the motivation that spurs us on to create new memories in the present.

As I reached inside those boxes and traveled back in time, I wondered if other people felt the same joy as I was feeling. So, I asked friends on social media to identify the most important item in their home. Every response was the same:  their photos. That’s why we continue the momentum to document life, accomplishments, changes as they occur in pictures. There’s no better way to communicate and share milestones in our lives with family and friends. The photos we treasure adorn the walls in our homes, offices, and the homes of family and friends people we love.  Photographs are the one investment that offers a lifetime of tribute to our journey, spurring on the desire to create new, continue to grow, honor those we love, the moments we want to capture forever. So, stop what you’re doing. Travel back in time. Grab the opportunity to capture the present as only photographs can. I found my lost photo and am creating a new ring to honor my grandmother. Don’t hesitate to preserve your own memories in photographs that you’ll treasure forever.

Thank you Christina!  I love this story!

You can follow Christina Tenti at:

It’s worth getting to know her!

Stay Focused!


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